Overall, this app provides a modern twist on the classic game of Yahtzee, making it more engaging and fun. The app is user-friendly for all ages and skill levels, and its design preserves the essence of the game, while integrating it seamlessly into the digital world.

To create a smooth and enjoyable user experience, I focused on designing the app with simple and intuitive navigation. I ensured that the main navigation and game controls were easily accessible and clear. The game screen was designed with playful graphics and interactive elements that helps the user feel immersed in the game. Additionally, I incorporated features such as leaderboards which allows users to compete with their friends on social media platforms.

Here I’ll show you some of the process

Dice Game Sketches
Conceptualizing the product, in this space we align expectations and keep the team in the same page, a great opportunity to discover errors
Dice Game Wireframes
Wireframes to help us with layout and prioritization in each screen within the flow
Dice Game UI Screens
Visual outcome for this project, with a classic Casino look and feel