For this money transfer app project our goal was to create a user interface that would be simple and clean, yet could be easily scalable in the future. To achieve this, I focused on developing a design system that incorporated minimalistic, intuitive elements that could be easily expanded upon without sacrificing simplicity.

First, I ensured that the app’s core functionality and essential components were clearly visible and accessible, using a hierarchy of intuitive menus and buttons. This would allow users to perform transactions quickly and easily, while minimizing the risk of any errors.

Next, I carefully chose a color palette and typography that emphasized clarity and consistency, making it easy to identify different parts of the app at a glance. This would also facilitate future design expansion, as new features could be easily incorporated while remaining true to the app’s core visual messaging.

Overall, by prioritizing simplicity and future scalability in the design process, I believe we have created a highly functional and user-friendly money transfer app that will be appreciated by both current and future users.

Financial app Mobile view
Screens without distractions, main goal here is start an action with money, using clear labels and elements.
Financial app Desktop view
Financial app Desktop view