Mobile app, redesign, UX/UI

Fleet overview for managers

The first approach for this logistic GPS-based platform was to improve the interface’s aesthetic, but after conducting research and evaluating the existing user experience, it became clear that a comprehensive redesign was necessary, we was in front of the tip of the iceberg.

The redesigned app and platform now offer a more user-friendly experience, providing enhanced operational insights to help streamline fleet management. The client was thrilled with the final product and noted significant increases in productivity and efficiency since the launch of the new platform.

Responsive web app, concept, UX/UI

Supporting sales at stores

We leveraged some 32” touch screens along the company’s stores to gain users interactions and engagement.

Cross-channel app, UX/UI design

1:1 Mentoring

My cross-channel mentoring platform is designed to help junior or stuck designers reach their professional goals by connecting them with experienced designers. The platform offers a range of features, including one-on-one mentorship, group mentoring, job shadowing, and peer review. I have optimized the platform for desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that designers can access the mentoring tools they need regardless of their location.

Mobile app, concept, UX/UI


For this mobile car-sharing app we faced a challenge from the start, with the need to recycle existing code and resources while still delivering an innovative and user-friendly experience.

So I strategically approached the project by first conducting a thorough analysis of our existing resources and identifying areas where they could be improved. Once we had streamlined our resources, we began crafting a user experience that would seamlessly guide users through the car-sharing process. 

Despite the challenges we faced, our team was able to deliver a truly innovative mobile car-sharing app that has been embraced by users throughout the city. We are proud to have created a solution that is helping to reduce traffic congestion and improve the overall mobility of the city.

Website UX/UI design, WordPress

Restaurant & Bar website

As a strategic web designer, I have designed a responsive website for a restaurant to help showcase its menu, location, and services. The website has a modern and clean design that allows users to easily navigate through the pages on both desktop and mobile devices.
Overall, the responsive website has been designed with the aim of providing a seamless user experience while showcasing the restaurant’s unique offerings.

Mobile app, UI design

Dice game interface

Overall, this app provides a modern twist on the classic game of Yahtzee, making it more engaging and fun. The app is user-friendly for all ages and skill levels, and its design preserves the essence of the game, while integrating it seamlessly into the digital world.

To create a smooth and enjoyable user experience, I focused on designing the app with simple and intuitive navigation. I ensured that the main navigation and game controls were easily accessible and clear. The game screen was designed with playful graphics and interactive elements that helps the user feel immersed in the game. Additionally, I incorporated features such as leaderboards which allows users to compete with their friends on social media platforms.


Mobile app redesign, UX/UI

Optimizing products and services delivery tasks

The redesigned delivery mobile app prioritizes ease of use, speed, and customization. Key features like real-time tracking, personalized notifications, and user-friendly navigation help streamline the delivery experience for carriers.

One of the biggest challenges was creating a design that accommodated a wide range of delivery types, including food, groceries, retail items and also services. To address this, we implemented a customizable dashboard that allows users to select their preferred delivery options and tailor the app to their specific needs.

Web app, UX/UI design

Community missions

I had the opportunity to listen to busy people’s reasons for not helping in their communities and I shaped a solution for that. Missions4Life aimed to help millennial users get involved in community services in their local areas. The app is designed to manage small missions, making it easy for users to join and help out with various causes that matter to them. 

Overall, this app is a powerful tool for millennials looking to make a positive impact in their communities. Its user-friendly interface and social features make it easy, fun, and rewarding to get involved and make a difference.

Mobile app, UI design

Insurance services flow

The mobile app helps users communicate with their insurance company when accidents occur. As a UI designer, the focus was on creating a user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease-of-use and accessibility.

The app is designed to simplify the entire claims process by guiding users through each step with clear instructions and visuals. For example, when users submit photos of the damage, the app offers visual prompts to help them capture all necessary angles.

Mobile app, UI design, iOS

Test app for iOS

As a strategic UI designer, my focus would be on creating an useful user experience to help aspiring sailors prepare for their certification exam. To achieve this, I would prioritize intuitive navigation, simple and effective design, and engaging features that keep users motivated to practice. Here, I helped my client to deal with color palettes on this dark-mode app.

Website, UI design

Website redesign

The website needed to be redesign to highlight company’s offerings beyond cemetery services, showcasing their innovative technologies and unique solutions for businesses across various industries. The user experience of the website is intuitive and streamlined, with clear navigation and easily digestible content that serves to inform and educate users about the company’s products and services.

Mobile app, UI design

Recycling management

I crafted the user interface for a recycling solution based on geolocation, so users and drivers can stay connected and try to optimize resources.

Mobile app, UX/UI

Water and sewage company workflow

I lead the UX/UI on this project, designing an app that could help a water and sewage company reduce their paper-based and time-consuming workflows. The primary goal of the project was to streamline the company’s data collection processes, enable access to real-time data, and provide instant notifications and insights.

The app allowed users to capture data in the field, while also enabling real-time data analysis for supervisors and managers. The app’s features included a customized dashboard, push notifications, data export capabilities, and location-based tracking. These features helped to significantly reduce the company’s paper-based workflows, increased efficiency, and improved the accuracy of the data. The end result was an app that made a meaningful impact on the productivity and efficiency of the company.

Mobile app, UX/UI redesign

Motorcyclists' utilities and insurance

Based on the existing app’s prototype, I helped design flows and added new features to this mobile app that help motorcyclists to track their daily activity and to stay connected with an emergency network.

Mobile app, UX/UI design

Custom internal transport solution

We shaped and simplified a robust transport operation, that keep flowing daily hundreds of drivers, materials and passengers