Showcasing More Services on Website

Tech Cemetery Brand Website

The website needed to be redesign to highlight company’s offerings beyond cemetery services, showcasing their innovative technologies and unique solutions for businesses across various industries. The user experience of the website is intuitive and streamlined, with clear navigation and easily digestible content that serves to inform and educate users about the company’s products and services.

Carsharing Solution

Carsharing Solution App

For this mobile car-sharing app we faced a challenge from the start, with the need to recycle existing code and resources while still delivering an innovative and user-friendly experience. So I strategically approached the project by first conducting a thorough analysis of our existing resources and identifying areas where they could be improved. Once we had […]

Optimizing delivery tasks

Delivery Tasks Mobile App

The redesigned delivery mobile app prioritizes ease of use, speed, and customization. Key features like real-time tracking, personalized notifications, and user-friendly navigation help streamline the delivery experience for carriers. One of the biggest challenges was creating a design that accommodated a wide range of delivery types, including food, groceries, retail items and also services. To […]

Fleet overview for managers

Portfolio fleet management

The first approach for this logistic GPS-based platform was to improve the interface’s aesthetic, but after conducting research and evaluating the existing user experience, it became clear that a comprehensive redesign was necessary, we was in front of the tip of the iceberg. The redesigned app and platform now offer a more user-friendly experience, providing enhanced operational […]